Mobile ICU

Our proprietary “mobile Intensive Care Unit modules” (ICUm) , consist of state of the art critical care equipment, critical supplies and consumables , critical care medications, Point of Care Testing (POCT), infection control  system, mobile blood bank unit,  Oxygen generation unit, and mobile renewable power supply,  staffed by  a team of highly trained critical care professionals  capable of providing 24/7 critical care services in a controlled environment of care.

Our “mobile Intensive Care Unit modules” (ICUm) are portable,  flexible,  scalable,  and  easy to setup. These modules can be easily deployed and configured  to meet the specific needs of the client. The modules can operate in medical facilities of any size

Advantages of Mobile Intensive Care Unit module (ICUm)

Advantages of utilizing mobile Intensive Care Unit modules” (ICUm) in providing critical care services in any hospitals with or without established Intensive Care Units include the following:


Quick Response Time  

Due to the portability and easy configuration of  our ICUm ,  high quality critical care services can be provided on demand to critically ill patients at any hospital, transforming any patient care unit to a state of the art intensive care unit within the shortest possible time.


High Quality Service

Each components of ICUm are specifically design/ configured to meet International standards of critical care equipment, supplies ,and services.  Our highly trained  critical care professional are equipped  with the skill sets to use our ICUm in  managing  critically ill patients,  based on International professional guidelines, protocols, algorithms,   and standards.


Standardized Hospital Readiness Assessment Process

Hospitals of any size can be easily assessed for readiness to provide critical care  services using our ICUm  standards. The existing infrastructure, equipment  and services available for critical services in any hospital are evaluated against our ICUm standards, then our ICUm are configured to specifically meet the needs of the hospitals and their patients.


Efficient Inventory Control

Due to the flexible design of our ICUm, restocking of ICU supplies, medications, and consumable can be achieved without any interruption of patient care services. Our inventory control system ensure rea-l time and continuous restocking of the components of ICUm to meet the changing needs of the patients.


Cost Control

In order  to control the cost of critical care services, our ICUm are configured to ensure that patients  are charged only for the services provided and the  resources utilized.


Infection Control

Our ICUm are designed to meet the specific   needs of each patient  in a controlled environment of care with all the resources required for patient care available at the patient bedside avoiding the risk of cross infections.