Seyi Oyesola, B.SC., MBBS, FRCAI, AFICM

Seyi Oyesola, B.SC., MBBS, FRCAI, AFICM

Dr. Babaseyi Oyesola BSc. MB. BS, FRCAI, is an accomplished anesthetist and medial practitioner with over 25 years on the cutting edge of practicing medicine in anesthesiology and critical care. Doctor Oyesola is not only one of the Nigeria’s foremost authorities on anesthesiology and intensive care, he is also a successful serial entrepreneur and passionate humanitarian who cares about the well-being of his fellow citizens.

He began his medical career after graduating with honors from the College of Medicine (CMUL), University of Lagos in Nigeria and he quickly rose through the ranks to lead a team of young doctors in anesthesiology at the University of Lagos.

Throughout his medical career Dr. Oyesola has made it a point to continue learning new techniques and procedures and improving his interpersonal leadership and teaching skills. He has already co-authored or published 8 important articles on medicine and at one point, took a year off his practice to join the University of Los Angeles in California as a visiting Assistant Professor in 1998.

After his successful one year US tenure, he returned to the UK when he became one of the lead consulting attending physicians at Medway Hospital in Gillingham in Kent, where he practiced for over 15 years. While in England, Dr. Oyesola partnered with a British medical technologist to develop the world’s first unique portable operating room equipment and inventory device, based on his experience living and working in Nigeria. It is retailed as “OR in a BOX”

In 2008 Dr. Oyesola took a hiatus from his UK practice to return to Nigeria as the Chief Medical Director at Delta State University Teaching Hospital in Warri. He specifically oversaw the setup and training of young doctors and nurses to ensure that international medical standards and practices were formally introduced into the university hospital teaching system.

It was the time spent in Delta State that convinced Dr Oyesola to make the formal transition to Nigeria to give back to the country in the form of delivering advanced intensive medical care to its citizens at affordable rates.

Today, Dr. Oyesola has a successful medical devices company and is actively leading the setup of a Cardiac Intervention scheme in Nigeria, as well as an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) service, support already establish medical facilitates across the country.

departments: Anesthesiology
positions: Chief Executive Officer, Consultant Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Medical Simulation