About Us

Anesthesia and Critical Care Consultants

Anesthesia and Critical Care Consultants (A3C) provides twenty four hours a day, seven days a week high quality and technology enhanced critical care services  to hospitals and  critically ill patients in Nigeria.

Our team of internationally trained critical care professionals utilizing our proprietary mobile Intensive Care Unit modules (ICUm), provide fully staffed mobile intensive care unit services on demand at the patients’ hospital locations, making critical care services available, accessible and affordable,  thus providing critically ill patients improved  chances of survival .

Other services provided by Anesthesia and Critical Care Consultants include Intensive Care Units management services, critical care professional staffing services, critical care equipment and supplies services, Oxygen and Medical Air supply services, Anesthesia services, and Renal Replacement Therapy – Haemofiltration services

By partnering with us, our hospital clients benefit from having fully staffed and highly equipped intensive care units available to their patients at their hospital locations. Our patients have easy and quick access to high quality and technology enhanced critical care services in their communities resulting in a highly increased chance of survival and avoiding delays associated with expensive medical evacuation abroad.

Our Mission

Anesthesia and Critical Care Consultants
We are a team of experienced and highly trained critical  care professionals. We aim to make technologically enhanced, and  high quality critical care services available to every patient in hospitals located in their communities, at a cost the patients, the hospitals and the society can afford to sustain. We will do so in a manner that will ensure easy access , quick initiation of medical treatment, and  increased chances of survival.


Our Vision

Anesthesia and Critical Care Consultants aims to become the critical care services provider of choice in Nigeria. We plan to accomplish this by creating professional partnerships with our hospital clients, and establishing high quality critical care services;  in doing this raise the standard of critical care  in the country.


Specific  Goals


  • Achieve excellent results in the management of critically ill patients
  • Save lives of critically ill patients in Nigeria
  • Make critical care services affordable in the country
  • Make critical care services available on demand 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
  • Train teams of highly qualified critical care professionals in Nigeria


Our  Core Values


  • Professional integrity
  • High quality and technology enhanced medical care
  • Innovation and education
  • Efficient and effective resources utilization
  • Honest communication with patients, their families, and their physicians



Our Team at Work
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